Ferenc Kölcsey: Hymn

Poetic Translation of the first verse
O, my God, the Magyar bless
With Thy plenty and good cheer!
With Thine aid his just cause press,
Where his foes to fight appear.
Fate, who for so long did’st frown,
Bring him happy times and ways;
Atoning sorrow hath weighed down
Sins of past and future days.

Translated by: William N. Loew (1881)

Literal Translation of the first verse
O, God, bless the Hungarian
With joy and bounty
Extend toward him a guarding arm
If he strives with an enemy
Long torn by ill fate
Bring upon him a joyous year
This people has suffered for
Past and future!

Translated by: Laszlo Korossy (2003)
Improved upon: Kende Majoros (2012)

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