New Year Reception for the Diplomatic Corps

Einstein was right. We will not be able to resolve the problems of demographic explosion, soil degradation or the decline of biodiversity with our old kind of thinking. Now will we be able to overcome water crisis, which aggravates our social, healthcare and economic problems.

What does all this tell us in laymen’s terms? That the ecological and social debt generated by the path we have been following during the past 200 years – with a global population of 7,6 billion that is projected to increase to 9 billion soon – exceeds the value it is creating. It also means that, what is at stake here is not the status of the atmosphere, but the future of our societies, of human civilization.

Above all, today it is most important that we change our way of thinking. It is not enough to know what can be considered a value from the perspective of the welfare and survival of our societies. We also have to see how our actions increase or decrease the chances of sustainable welfare and survival for our societies.

Unfortunately, the world is not winning – as it was demonstrated by the quick look at recent events. We know that we have generated most of our problems ourselves. Who could we look to for a solution?

Every country will have a lot on their plates if they are to make 2019 the year of the turn-around. Let us not miss this chance.

Now Your Excellencies, Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen, you can rightfully ask: is there hope?

Yes, there is. We already possess most of the technology. Although the costs of the change-transformation are huge, but today we could still come up with the necessary resources. The conditions for international cooperation are given. All we need is the courage to make the decisions that will shape our future.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

When preparing for the next UN Climate Summit let us be reminded of the words of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who said: A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.


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