Speech by Hungarian President János Áder at the opening session of the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia presenting report of High Level Panel on Water

7. Companies using water and banks financing them should disclose the impact of their investments on the water resources.

8. Successful and efficient protection necessitate no kinds of financial constructions. It is no longer enough to plan on individual and isolated projects, we have to consider the synergic effect of the different projects with a view to creating new investment pathways.

9. Within 5 years we need to double water related investments, then we have to increase this to an annual amount of about USD 600 billion. Mobilising this much capital is only possible if we substantially improve the operation of companies involved in water and waste water management, sectoral regulation and we need to create an environment that is able to accommodate innovation.

10.The efficient use of water is a key question. Different industries from mining to textile require huge amounts of water. We need innovation that can improve the efficiency of water use, while reducing pollution to a minimum. Agriculture is the biggest consumer of water. There is no technical obstacle to a two-three-fold improvement of the efficiency of agricultural water usage. Wells will dry up in many countries without more efficient irrigation technologies, which will in turn make farming impossible.

11. By 2050, 3/4 of Earth’s population will be city dwellers. The success of the sustainability drive will mainly be decided in cities. The unprecedented extent of urbanization requires completely new technologies and decentralized solutions for water supplies and waste water management. The circular economy is inconceivable without recycling water in cities.

12. The HLPW is of the opinion that it is imperative to improve the functioning of international institutions if we are to achieve these objectives.

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world made light of the drama of water up until now. Joint action cannot be put off anymore. Every leader of the world received the report of the High Level Panel on Water. Hopefully the messages articulated in this report will find their way to the public at large through the media and will encourage everyone to act, because as we have put it in our report – water is truly an issue of life and death. Thank you for listening to me.

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