New Year Reception for the Diplomatic Corps

Number Four: We continue to strive to forge an increasingly close cooperation with the countries in our region in the narrow sense, as this will allow us to more effectively represent our values and interest, which are often shared because of our similar history.

Number Five: All political players in Hungary are committed to continuing and increasing our contribution to the fight against terrorism, extremism and against those obsessed with destruction.

Number Six: We all agree that we are responsible for future generations. We will continue in the future as well, to do our share of the work we need to accomplish together in the interest of sustainability. Saving our waters, lands and natural resources, securing the chance of our children and grandchildren for life, cannot be up for political bargaining in the future either.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In one week, on 22. January, we celebrate the Day of Hungarian Culture. It was on that day in 1823, when poet Ferenc Kölcsey made a clean copy of the manu of the Anthem. It is therefore appropriate to quote Ferenc Kölcsey’s thoughts on the consistency between national and international considerations. This prominent figure of Hungarian history wrote in a letter: “Being a citizen of the entire world does not, in my eyes, constitute the frightful indifferentism that precludes all forms of patriotism. Being interested in the whole of mankind, without losing the sweet and almost instinctive emotion that ties us to the land where we were born: these two are in no contradiction, the same way as human love is in no contradiction with fatherly or filial love.”

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The main directions of Hungary’s international activity will remain characterised by continuity and predictability regardless of the outcome of the elections. Continuity, though, does not lend strength and credibility to politics only, it creates values in the arts as well.

It is in this spirit that the performers have been selected for today’s traditional New Year’s programme in the Palace of Arts. Our aim was to showcase how artistic knowledge is passed on as a legacy from one generation to the next. The pianists you will hear tonight are both virtuosi. The “master” is an acknowledged musician acclaimed the world over for his theoretical work and his musical inventions. The “disciple” is a budding talent, who has already managed to captivate his audiences.

Enjoy the evening. I wish you a lasting experience. And I wish you all success for the year ahead.


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