New Year Reception for the Diplomatic Corps

At the dawn of 2017 we can have no other common objective but to heed Pope Paul VI’s advice –
To multiple our efforts,
To put aside our fifth grade differences of opinion and to do our utmost for our security.
To curb senseless terror.
To ensure the everyday safety of people.

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

Year to year we meet in early January, to seek what binds us together. We can always look to music to help us with this. Thomas Mann wrote in one of his novels: “He thought what a fine thing it was that people made music all over the world, even in the strangest settings – probably even on polar expeditions.”

Young Hungarian talents will be performing for you tonight. They will be playing their instruments with skills worthy of the greatest ones; they will perform with awe inspiring virtuosity. They all want the world that they live in to be more reminiscent of the universe that they are able to create with their instruments. They belong to the generation of musicians who rightly expect us to do more for a better world, so that the members of their generation may flourish and promote their skills better.

Dear Guests,

I wish you a pleasant, entertaining evening. I wish you responsible work for the next coming months. And I wish a more peaceful world for the coming year.

Thank you for listening to me.


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