30th November 2015

Hungarian President János Áder’s speech at the COP 21 Climate Change Conference in Paris

I have this recurring dream. In this dream I talk with my still un-born grandchild. We are 25 years ahead in time, which in human terms is significant, but from a historic perspective is insignificant.

My grandchild says the following to me: Grandpa, I grew up to be an adult in a period when the impacts of climate change posed a direct threat to human civilization. I still have this nagging question however.Could you have stopped in your own time all that has happened by today? Why didn't you listen to scientists? Why did you disregard scientific evidence?

You were aware that the quantity of greenhouse gases in 2015 was already much higher that it ever was in the 800 thousand years before. You knew that a similar amount of carbon dioxide had already accumulated once in Earth's atmosphere 3 million years earlier, and you also knew what dire consequences it had.

An increase of a mere 3 degrees in temperature resulted in an in a 9 meters sea level rise.

Why did you disregard the forecasts of those who at the end of the 20th century had already predicted that if humanity refused to change its irresponsible behaviour it would have serious consequences.

Droughts, floods, desertification, devastating natural disasters, famines, migration, wars.


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