04th March 2015

Speech by President of the Republic János Áder at the opening of the Budapest Water Conference

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many of you had the opportunity a year and a half ago to attend the Budapest Water Summit where political decision makers, internationally renowned hydrology professionals and representatives of environmental organizations joined academics and members of the business life to think about issues related to water management, water supply, water resource protection, water purification, flood defence and issues related to the common use of river basins.

The success of our meeting is reflected in the fact that our messages have been incorporated in the outcome of the talks on water in New York and the session of the World Water Summit in South Korea this April will be able to make use of the results of our common effort in Budapest. The Budapest meeting - just like the present one - is but one stop along the road, which - at least today we hope – leads to Paris.

Paris will not only be about water and sanitation issues, but about all the consequences of climate change. We will have to respond to a multitude of questions:

When will we finally grasp the simple truth, that changes caused by global warming do not only pose a threat to an American, a Chinese or a European but to all of us? And not only to us humans, but also to our forests, waters and wildlife - from the smallest to the largest animals.

When will we understand at last that we can only get out of this trouble with concerted action? Pointing fingers and retrospect accusations do not help a thing.

When will we realize: that by using much more resources every year, than what nature can replenish - because this is the case today - we are endangering our future and that of our children? As the saying goes: we are putting a halter around our own necks.

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