04th November 2014

President of the Republic János Áder's Speech at charitable dinner for memory of Saint Margaret of Scotland in London

Your Royal Highness, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is just a week ago that my wife and I were standing under the arch of the Menin Gate in Flemish town of Ypres. We paid our respects at a monument, about which Winston Churchill said: "A more sacred place for the British race does not exist."

As the guests of the Belgian royal couple along with others we also commemorated the centennial anniversary of the Great War, remembering the heroes, the victims and the immeasurable suffering. It is fitting that a few days before Remembrance Day, Poppy Day the first word be that of respect, which is all victims deserve equally.

The second thought is that of gratitude. I am grateful that tonight so many of you have gathered to invoke the memory of Saint Margaret of Scotland. The name of a great woman, whose name has for centuries been synonymous with faith, the devotion and generosity. The name of a special woman, who not only in spirit, but in reality also linked the borderlands of nascent Christian Europe: Britannia and the land of the Hungarians.

I will admit that this is a rather thin filament, but it is still important because it is the first in a series of contacts that have been made for a thousand years from Albion to Hungaria, from Caledonia to Transylvania. It feels so good to recall the great people who have connected our people.

St. Thomas Becket, whose best friend was the Archbishop of Esztergom future, who later became the head of the Catholic Church in Hungary.

Thomas More, who wrote an essay while incarcerated on the bitter fate of the Hungarians because of the Ottoman expansion.

Charles Dickens, who praised Lajos Kossuth, leader of the 1848 Hungarian Revolution in a study.


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