20th August 2014

Speech by President János Áder at the award ceremony of the the Hungarian Order of St Stephen

Esteemed Imre Kertész, Esteemed Ernő Rubik,
Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are some things, which - like the rays of light – will help us to avoid having to spend our lives groping around in eternal darkness.
And which will also help us to find points of reference in our lives.

Light is not only able to illuminate our environment, but it will also help us to see and recognize all that is really important and dear to us. Likewise, it also makes us able to see and recognize all that is common in all of us. The child within, the homo ludens – as the ancient Romans said... To make us able to recognize ourselves in each other and in ourselves the willingness to act, the desire to experiment, the disposition to do good, openness to truth. To recognize the desire for pleasure and happiness, as well as the ability of sharing in this experience.

It is great gift of our lives that we Hungarians are among the nations, members of which have given so many artistic creations, discoveries, inventions and scientific achievements, which have enriched and continue to enrich mankind's knowledge and European culture. Writers, poets, inventors ... They are the ones who have been sources of creative inspiration and a human role model for the generations growing up. They are the sources of our shared pride. They are the ones who teach us to make an impact, to create and and to prosper. They are the ones, who with their unparalleled achievements become a part of our national esteem. Likewise, they are the ones, who enhance the reputation of our country and our nation around the world.

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