02nd August 2014

Speech of President János Áder at the Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day

Esteemed compatriots,

We have gathered here today to remember. To remember and to pay our respects …
To recall the memory and the unforgettable tragedy of our Roma compatriots who became victims of Nazism.
We have gathered on the 70th anniversary of the ruthless extermination of the Roma deported to the Auschwitz death camp to condemn together those who vilely planned the genocide of WWII, as well as the cruel perpetrators, who didn't fear God or respect Man.
We have gathered to reject together all forms and all manifestations of racial discrimination.
We have gathered to express together that we have learned from one of the most painful lessons of European history and our own as well.
We have gathered today to make it clear that when we remember the victims of the Roma Holocaust; we are not only remembering the memory of those who were sorrowed, humiliated and murdered in masses.
We are not only remembering the children who were subjected to experiments and then sent to their deaths, not only the Roma families who were torn apart forever by the inferno of the Nazi death camps, not only the murdered or forever maimed mothers and fathers. We also owe it to ourselves to remember.
Generations after us also have to know that all those who were discriminated, deported and incarcerated in lagers, who were tortured, persecuted or starved to death, who were executed or herded into the gas chambers of the death camps in the name of Hitler’s national-socialist ideology were all the same kind of people like we, who have gathered here today are.

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