Speech by János Áder at the National Memorial Site in the Rákoskeresztúr Cemetery on the Memorial Day to mark the 25th anniversary of the reburial of Imre Nagy and his fellow martyrs, as well as the 25th anniversary of the regime change in Hungary

But there was a serious miscalculation on the side of the Communist regime. The human valour of their compatriots turned heroes was an expression of the desires of millions of Hungarians. Our nation articulated to the world in 1956 that one hundred years on, we still insist on our 1848 traditions.

We insist on our national independence, freedom and European status.

In 1956 and 1989 also, we Hungarians articulated that we are a nation of freedom. And that there isn’t the power in the world that can divert us from this.

We have to tell our children that in 1956 many gave their lives so that we Hungarians of present times could live in freedom. We have to tell our children that the source of our freedom achieved in 1990 was the courage and sacrifice of those people, whose example kept up the spirits of millions and millions in the toughest of times. We have to tell our children that the real light of the revolutions against Socialism was fed by the ideals of freedom, independence and democracy.


25 years on, all this is natural; all this is given for our children. For it to remain like this, it is worth remembering the words of Ferenc Deák, who in 1867– 18 years after the failed freedom fight – said the following:

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