05th May 2013

Speech of János Áder at the commemoration in the Mauthausen concentration camp

Dear commemorating crowd,

When we remember our past, we send a message to our own future. Our words are addressed to those living today and to the generations of tomorrow.

To our fellow humans, who were born to find understanding, recognition and love. To all those who were born to live a life worthy of humans.

However, anybody who does not know the nature of the dark forces of our civilization, anybody who does not know the inferno of wars and death camps, may easily ask: is it too great a desire to hope for a life worthy of humans? Isn’t it the most natural thing possible?

Standing here we have to say NO with a heavy heart. It is not and it will never be the most natural thing until we do not do everything in our power to ensure unconditional respect for human dignity.

For the respect of life.

History cautions us, that it is enough to step back a few steps, it is enough to grant a few concessions in an unguarded moment to the forces that have called to life the inhuman dictatorships of the 20th century and the past that we should never forget may become our future.

If anybody was to consider this statement an exaggeration, if there was anybody like this in today’s Europe, then let them ask themselves one single question. A single question which goes like this: did our parent’s and grandparent’s generation set out in their lives imagining that what happened here in Mauthausen, in the heart of Europe was possible?

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