20th August 2013

Ceremonial speech by President János Áder at the Heroes' square

Distinguished Officers taking your Oath of Service,
My esteemed fellow compatriots,
Hungarians at home and abroad,
Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

Successful nations shape history. Those who have failed have mostly disappeared into the ocean of time.

We Hungarians have survived. We preserved our country, our statehood, our freedom and independence. We have our destiny in our hands and are free to decide on our common causes. We are equal citizens of the European Union; we have successfully integrated our country into the framework of the world’s largest defense system, in which our military have achieved great recognition for our country.

We Hungarians of today have what our predecessors prayed for so faithfully, hoped for so fervently and fought for persistently for centuries. Therefore on this day of St Stephen, the founder of our state, we can fearlessly and proudly say about ourselves that we Hungarians belong among the successful nations of the world.

My fellow compatriots,

Our thousand year old European statehood carries great values. Values like our faith, our culture and our ability to persevere. Even if in our everyday lives we have to overcome so many doubts and troubles.

We know our problems. Until there is even one child in this country whose hunger the family cannot satisfy, until there is even one citizen able and willing to work, who doesn’t have access to a decent job, until there is even one young couple, who shy away from having children for fear of an uncertain future, until there is even one old person among us, who after a lifetime of work has to live in want, well until then we cannot be satisfied.

For us to be truly satisfied everybody has to understand that they themselves have a responsibility for their own welfare, as well as the welfare of our country.

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