26th June 2013

Speech of President János Áder at the session of the Serbian Parliament

Thank you!

This is the only word that is worthy of this day.

This is perhaps further accentuated by the fact that today is the first time that the President of the Republic of free Hungary addresses the legislature of the free Serbia.

Esteemed Mr President, distinguished National Assembly,

When I express to you my thanks and my appreciation, I do so, representing Hungary. On behalf of our entire political nation, on behalf of every one of my fellow Hungarian compatriots. On behalf of every well-meaning virtuous persons, who reject inhumanity and injustice, wherever they should live, Serbian or Hungarian or belonging to any other European nation.

I express my gratitude and appreciation to you and to the people of Serbia on behalf of all those, who not only believe in the word of mutual respect and appreciation, but are also ready to act for it.

Esteemed Members of Parliament,

All those who can step out of the shadows of past’s painful mistakes and inhumanities are the ones who stand on the side of the future and of a common future. You have done this.

Anybody following moral commands will have the strength to utter the truth. You have done this.

Virtuous people will have the courage to say what they believe to be correct at the bottom of their heart. And you have listened to your hearts.

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