14th January 2013

Speech of President János Áder to the heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to Hungary at a New Year’s reception held in their honour

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a good feeling to know that by accepting my invitation, today we have here people gathered who, although they speak many different languages, represent many different nations, countries and cultures, still they have committed their lives to follow the path of confidence building and understanding as diplomats.

Believe me, this endeavour is of great value to us. Especially in light of the fact that according to some rumours although we Hungarians speak the same language, often we still do not understand each other.

There is some truth to this. Although, when I worked as a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels, I was surprised to see that this is not a virtue unique to us Hungarians only.

Sometimes, who was right was more important there, then what the truth really was. I do not think that we can permanently ban this phenomenon from our public life. Still, I think we are proceeding correctly if during the next year, we strive
• To always stand on the side of truth
• To always find common ground
• To always seek what binds us together and not what separates us.

Dear guests,

Europe and the world have come to yet another turning point after the turn of the Millennium. We all feel this on our skins. The fact that the 21st century already dawned on us during the 1990s of the 20th century was already a sign of the rapid change of times.


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