01st January 2013

New Year’s Address

My dear fellow countrymen,

New Year’s Eve is about rejoicing. It is the night of good wishes.

During these past minutes the air was filled with the sound of New Year’s Eve trumpets, which - according to an old custom - we blow to keep everything bad away from the newly starting year, to share with world all the personal and common hopes we start the New Year with.

This is a powerful moment, because during the past few minutes millions of Hungarians, young and young at heart, friends and strangers have turned cheerfully towards each other, wishing each other a Happy New Year.

This is a powerful moment, capable of shaping our lives and our world. Because the power of the love and benevolence we feel for each other is greater than anything else. To wish each other good, means more than voicing our highest hopes. It means more because through it we express that we all wish each other good during these moments. It feels good to know that on New Year’s Eve every Hungarian and with them every inhabitant on Earth is sharing in the joy that the promise of the New Year holds. Therefore I am there with you in spirit now, so that I can also express my best wishes to each of you in person.

I wish all the grandmothers and grandfathers a lot of joy and happiness with their children and grandchildren. I wish for every mother and father that the next year should be about the prosperity of their family, their children. I wish that their children, the light of their life should always be healthy. All those who are ailing now, I wish that the New Year brings them recuperation.

Turning to the young people, I wish that you thoroughly enjoy tonight’s party. Take care of yourselves and cherish the joy you felt at midnight, just as much as you want to take care of your sweetheart, your loved ones, your relatives and your friends during the entire year. I wish that you experience as much success, joy and happiness as possible, because this will enable you to be the support that your parents, your future family and country need.


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