20th June 2012

János Áder's speech at the Rio +20 Conference

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the President of the Republic of my country Hungary, permit me to convey to you the greetings of the citizens of a country, who living in the Carpathian-basin with their Central-European neighbors only play a lesser role in shaping the process, that they are significantly threatened by: global climate change.

The Carpathian-basin is Europe’s ecological base, one of the most beautiful and most flourishing lands on Earth. Lying at the heart of it is Hungary, which has a unique culture of water management and is the home of thousands of healing water sources.

Our people are not only known for their hospitality but also for their creativity. Let me just mention now two examples.

You, who are now jotting notes with a ballpoint pen, are holding in your hands the invention of a Hungarian man, László Bíró. All those working on their laptops, are probably not aware of the fact that the person who invented the principles of the computer was the world acclaimed Hungarian-born mathematician, Janos Neumann.

With respect to the topic on our conference agenda today, permit me to call your attention to the thought of another Hungarian-born Nobel Laureate physicist, Gábor Dénes. He said “until now humanity has had to struggle with Mother Nature itself, from now on, it will have to struggle with human nature.”

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