Curriculum vitae of János Áder

János Áder began his studies in Csorna, then graduated from the Révai Miklós Secondary School in Győr. He successfully applied for a place at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law; however the sudden illness and early passing of his father posed a grave dilemma for the family. The family could not afford the university in Pest, therefore beside his daytime studies, it became necessary for János Áder to take on night jobs from time to time.

János Áder – this we know of him since the Opposition Roundtable talks – is a straightforward, firm person. He does not shy away from responsibilities, challenges and from work. This earned him his cum laude diploma in 1983 and the doctoral title with the diploma.

János Áder did not begin his career in politics. He worked in the housing department of Budapest’s 6th district; the fortunes of this young and talented lawyer led him from here to the Institute for Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. What he brought from home also followed Áder. Thus, like for so many of us, it was natural for him as a young researcher to do manual labour and even some farming to complement his earnings in order to create what was necessary to settle down with a family.

Later on as well, at the time of the Opposition Roundtable in 1989, then from 1990 in the Hungarian National Assembly, we got to know János Áder as a man who takes on a lot, but always delivers on his commitments. He was a member and later the leader of the parliamentary group of Fidesz, who was always open to reason and who never shied away from arguments. Even in the toughest situations, he was ready to stand to the end by his confessed values and faith. His truth and reasons always had elements which were food for thought for us.

Dr. János Áder is one of the Hungarian politicians of the change of political system. He attended the historic 1987 Lakitelek-meeting and later the 1989 Opposition and National Roundtable Talks, where he played an important role in the development of the democratic election system. He was elected a Member of Parliament for the Alliance of Young Democrats at the first free parliamentary elections in 1990. He was elected three times in a row in the independent constituency of his hometown of Csorna. He participated in the work of the Constitutional, Legislative and Justice committees of the National Assembly. In 1998, he was elected Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, an office he held until 2002. During his term in office as Speaker of the House, he also contributed to strengthening the international recognition of our country. Hungary joined the defensive alliance of NATO at this time, while this period was also important in the preparations of Hungary’s accession to the European Union.

In 2009, dr. János Áder was elected Member of the European Parliament. As an MEP and the Vice-Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, he worked with the same steadfast accuracy and diligence, which characterised his earlier work. As a European MP, he soon gained the recognition of his peers and also the leaders of the European People’s Party, which has the largest weight in the European Parliament.

Those who know him more intimately know precisely that János Áder is the kind of man, who never aspires for the position, but always works with deliberation, humility and great care to perform the task he has undertaken.

The path he has travelled spans from Csorna to Brussels. His wife of 27 years, dr. Anita Herczegh has always been by his side on this trip and has given birth to their four children.

Dr. János Áder has always been faithful to his county. He is worthy of representing the 21st century ideals of our 1000 year long European statehood created by St. Stephen. He is worthy of representing Hungary and all the citizens of this nation and worthy as a politician of the change of the political system, to be the President of the Republic of Hungary, which has been free for 22 years.

The career of János Áder is the story of a Hungarian man.


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