Curriculum vitae of János Áder

Sándor Lezsák, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary presented János Áder before the vote to appoint the President on 2nd May 2012. Hereunder you can read the verbatim transcript of the laudation.

The career of János Áder is the story of a Hungarian man.

The story of a Hungarian man who came from the countryside town of Csorna – the capital of the Rábaköz-region as it is called there – and made it to Győr, then to Budapest, on to Brussels and who now stands here in front of you to be elected the President of the Republic of Hungary.

To use the words of Áron Tamási, János Áder has come a long way alone. The man standing in front of you has experienced the rigorous world of manual labour, he knows what the struggle to make ends meet means, he knows well the complexities of legal science, and has always followed the direct path in the labyrinths of political life. He served as a Member of Parliament, as a Speaker of the House, as a European Union politician, but whatever challenge life presented him with, he always remained a straightforward person with exemplary moral values that his parents living amidst modest conditions sent him on his way with.

János Áder was born on 9th May 1959 as the first child in the family. His father was deputy manager at a local store, while his mother worked in healthcare. The family followed the traditions of the Rábaköz-region’s people and lived a life based on the respect for knowledge, diligence and performance.

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