Hungarian president János Áder's inaugural speech in the Hungarian National Assembly

I offer it for you as food for thought and as an inspiration let me take the first step. Let me use this opportunity to offer my words of apology to all those whom I have hurt or offended during my presidency with an ill placed sentence, a short-tempered remark or by the choice of bad language.

Esteemed House,

In his famous Cassandra letter, Kossuth turns to Deák with the following words: „…What I am seeing …is that our nation is being pushed in harm’s way, what’s more into more than danger, but into death on the slippery slope of relinquishing our rights …” „Do not lead your country to sacrifices, which would strip it even of its hope!”

The words of Kossuth criticising the reconciliation are often quoted. By this time the two statesmen did not agree on anything. Yet the address and the tone of the letter is still respectful.

“My friend …. we were not only driven by the same ideals, but were also friends, in the most noble sense of the word during the better part of our manhood. when we were still heading in one direction on the path of patriotic duty.”

Esteemed House,

Serious criticism and the respect felt for the other both figure in this letter without conflict. Let us learn from this.

Let the age of the reformation, 15th of March, 1867 and 1956 be our shared resources.

And when we weigh our arguments, let us never forget the 4 words:

The nation comes first.

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