Hungarian president János Áder's inaugural speech in the Hungarian National Assembly

Esteemed House,

Let us now replace one single word in the text: empire. Let’s see now!

„one objective thus is to ensure the firm standing of the European Union, an objective we do not wish to subordinate to any other consideration.
The other objective is to preserve the constitutional status, the rights and the laws of Hungary ….. to relinquish more of these than what the firm standing of the European Union would require, would neither be just, nor purposeful.”

If Ferenc Deák were here with us, would we heed his wise advice?

The second topic: We all belong to the Hungarian nation.

Let me offer two things for your consideration: Let us give back the dignity of our national holidays and celebrations! Let us not compete on who can disturb the other’s celebration more. Let us instead compete on how we could make our celebration more fitting than the other. To see how we in the place of current day political messages we could share substantive thoughts we the celebrating crowd. How we could give to the youth of March 15 or the revolutionaries of 1956 that the respect they deserve.

The other question is solidarity. Let us agree that somebody being persecuted for their faith or their belonging to a national minority deserves the same attention and solidarity as those persecuted for the ethnic origins. Our responsibility for Hungarian across the borders should not be only a constitutional provision but instead a common program spanning several government cycles.

Third: We all long for an honourable, honest and peaceful life. If we accept it as a point of depart that we can all agree on this whether we are old or young, faithful or not, pro-government or opposition, then please consider the following.

The family is sacred. The child is inviolable.

After 1990 we had a tacit agreement, that family members not assuming a public role – especially the children – are not to be the subjects of political discourse. Their life is their own private affair. We politicians have nothing to do with this. Who does what, where, when and with whom. The sexual identity, the religious conviction, the political beliefs of others…. is none of our business.

If the tabloids are from time to time unable to restrain themselves, this should not allow us to go down this path ourselves and to use issues related to the family, the children for vulgar political attacks.

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