10th May 2012

János Áder’s inaugural speech

Respected compatriots, Citizens of Hungary, Hungarians at home and throughout the world! Today, on my first day in office, this is the first opportunity for me to stand before you as the President of our country and to address you as a citizen of Hungary. As a Hungarian who stands in front of his nation with gratitude in his heart.

With gratitude for being one of those who constitute a community of shared language and culture, for being one of those who form a political nation as constituent parts of the state. For being one of you, modern day Hungarians. As a Hungarian who still gladly remembers the exhortation of Saint Stephen which was so often quoted during the year of the Millennium: "Keep always in mind that all men are born equal; that nothing elevates you but humility and that nothing debases you but haughtiness and hatred.a

My fellow countrymen and women! I was not born to become President of the Republic, just as no one is born to any public office in a democracy. I was born a Hungarian. A Hungarian and I thank Providence for that.To be born Hungarian, which means to be someone who calls their own mother 'sweet mother', their language a mother tongue, and their country motherland.

My parents were hard-working people of the Re Rhe Rregion, who loved and cared for their family, who were driven by their respect for the ability to learn, and for knowledge and diligence. Only two things came before learning and duty for them. It was their love and respect for one another. I learnt a great deal from them, just as I have learnt a lot throughout my life. I have experienced manual labour, the world of university research, domestic and European politics.

Learning in my mind means understanding ourselves and the surrounding world. To comprehend and to accept that although we can think and act freely, we cannot live exclusively according to our own laws. To realise that we are indeed responsible for each other and for our common prosperity. This realisation makes us open and able to distinguish the good from evil; useful from what is harmful; and the true from the phony.


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János Áder’s inaugurual speech
10th May 2012
János Áder’s inaugural speech
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