János Áder’s speech in the Hungarian National Assembly after being elected

Let me reach out to my handicapped fellow countrymen and women, the hundreds of thousands who have to make great efforts to achieve what comes quite naturally to others. Let me tell them that Hungary would be incomplete without their willpower and without the values they represent.

Let me reach out to those who have taken the wrong turn, who have been humiliated or saddened, and ask them not to give up hope in a decent life and a decent livelihood, for Hungary has not written them off.

Let me reach out to believers and to non-believers alike, and ask them to see in each other what unites us, as understanding one another will enrich us all.

Let me reach out to the members of our national minorities and express my firm conviction that by safeguarding their own identities they also strengthen themselves in being Hungarian.
Let me reach out to the heroes of ’56 who are still amongst us and who risked their lives for Hungary’s freedom. Let me pay tribute to the heroes of ’56, for the world and Hungary would be different without their deeds.

Let me reach out to Hungarians beyond our borders, whether living at their birthplaces or in distant regions of the world. It is my duty as constitutional guardian of national unity to let them know how highly we appreciate their individual and collective performance and to tell them that Hungary will never be indifferent to their destinies.

Let me reach out to the peoples of neighbouring countries as well as our allies in the European Union and in the North Atlantic Alliance and send them a message of friendship and respect, which also implies that we expect to be treated with the same friendship and respect.

And finally, let me reach out to the inhabitants of my home region, the people of Rábaköz, who taught me that you can only harvest the fruits of your own labour.

Ladies and gentlemen, Citizens of Hungary! Ferenc Kölcsey, a member of parliament himself, whom Ferenc Deák considered to be his role model, left a four word heritage to us, contemporary Hungarians.“The motherland comes first.”

Motherland comes first.

Thank you. I am grateful to you for listening to my words.

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