János Áder’s speech in the Hungarian National Assembly after being elected

Let performance, action and the appreciation of people who are able and willing to act be central to our endeavours. Whatever I can do to make that happen, I will gladly do so.

Countless brilliant deeds prove that Hungary is an industrious and talented nation. I do not refer here only to the world famous Hungarian scientists, inventors, artists, and world class sportsmen, but to all who meet their obligations in their workplaces, in the fields, in the schools, the hospitals, hotels and restaurants, in the services and in the offices as well. What makes this country run is the everyday diligence and valuable performance of millions of people, millions of families. Why don’t we make this kind of everyday performance the key goal and measure of our lives, so that we may then rejoice together about our individual and collective successes?

I know that a single speech will not change the world. And still, let me ask and encourage each and every one to consider together what we ought to change and what we ought to do in order to centre our lives and our public life around appreciating performance.

My fellow Hungarians! Let me reach out to the mothers, to parents struggling for the prosperity of their families and wish them from the bottom of my heart good cheer, and abundance, for it is they who will raise the Hungary of the future.

Let me reach out to those citizens who have grown grey with their honourable work, and ask them to hand down their experience and love of life, for Hungary is in great need of their patience and wisdom.

Let me reach out to members of the young generations. It is they who, if successful, can transform this country into a modern, 21st century community in the Western World. Let me also ask them to look at the elderly as if looking into a mirror. For one day, today’s grandchildren will be grandparents.

Let me reach out to Hungarian entrepreneurs who honourably face the competition of the global market, who provide jobs and a livelihood to millions in this country.

Let me reach out to all my country’s healthy and strong citizens, and ask them to take more care of themselves and of others, for Hungary relies on their performance and on the fulfilment of their dreams.

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