János Áder’s speech in the Hungarian National Assembly after being elected

And what does such an endeavour require of us? Huge, superhuman efforts, perhaps? By no means. Let us for once stop for a moment and ask ourselves, where we will end up if we continue to constantly dismiss one another's achievements, to denigrate one another, to make truth relative, and to apply double standards in our relations with each other? Our destiny depends on us alone. We have to realize that our country will reflect the image that we have of ourselves. Because we only have one country. Where we are all part of one and the same nation. Where we are all part of the same community which constitutes the state. We might not share the same set of values, the same convictions or the same beliefs, but Hungary is our common country.

It was Ferenc Deák, who is venerated by posterity as the “Sage of the Motherland”, who said that “Hungary must be loved through a series of useful, everyday deeds which promote her welfare, rather than disturbed by disruptive thoughts.” In my capacity as President of the Republic, this is precisely what I would like to suggest to all. To all for whom our joint prosperity is important.

Members of Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen! Members of the generation born at the time of the régime change, in 1990, are graduating right now from their universities, or are spending their years of apprenticeship at their first workplaces. I would like them, too, to remember the words and the missions of Hungary’s past presidents.

In his acceptance speech, President Árpád Göncz stressed his readiness to face debates without fear, and said he would never conceal his opinions, for he was confident of the power of truth and of the ability of Hungary’s people to eventually recognise what truth is and what best serves their interests.

Almost 22 years have passed since then, and it is now absolutely clear how right President Göncz was. The Hungarian people have finally realised that they have to call on their leaders to stand up for the interests of Hungary.

In his inaugural address, our late President Ferenc Mádl emphasized the importance of inner peace, and pledged to work for the unity of the nation. Let us confess that we would still very much need his patience and wisdom.

In his acceptance speech, President László Sólyom explained that “the President expresses the unity of the nation by safeguarding and encouraging its multiplicity. Rather than by diluting our differences into a grey mean, the ideal should be to let Hungary look the same way that people like to see themselves on festive occasions.” That was a formula that expressed the intentions of many of our compatriots.

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