János Áder’s inaugural speech

That is knowledge. That is the purpose of all learning. And if we know this much, we cannot go far wrong.

Dear fellow Hungarians, my distinguished compatriots! Let us ask ourselves: what has made us a political nation capable of constituting and preserving its statehood? In my view it has been the openness of our people to what is good. That is what feeds our culture that is the basis of our way of thinking and the source of our will to change things.

That is what explains that although ours is a small nation, it has found itself so often at the centre of great turning points of global history. There was a time when we were a bastion protecting Europe, and more than once we Hungarians showed the way for the rest of the continent’onpeople to follow.

Let us just recall the events of the past half century. Our revolution in 1956, the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, the peaceful transition to liberty and independence. We Hungarians have always harboured the goodwill and the ability to rebuild what was destroyed by others, to reunite what was torn apart by others and to regain what we were deprived of by others. That is precisely the basis on which Ferenc Denc built his compromise, which opened the way to the brightest decades of development in Hungarian history.

Today, there is again a need for compromise. For compromise not in the superficial political sense of the word, but in a deeper sense. What I mean by compromise is that we Hungarians must finally come to terms with each other, for this is the only way to achieve inner peace. And the compromise which will lead to inner peace does not require superhuman efforts which might exceed what any of us are capable of. It would be enough if we can simply change the way we do certain things. If we apply equal standards. If we show respect towards one another. If we respect achievements, as an example to follow, always measured according to each person's abilities, rather than in comparison with some unreachable ideal.

I am convinced that this is the 21st century way to a new Hungarian compromise: this is what best serves the Western style civic modernisation of Hungarian society. And we all have our personal contributions to make to that compromise.

For myself, I am ready to do my part in the great task before our nation.

I propose therefore that we should come to a compromise with ourselves in order to start to change our public thinking, step by step. Let us address ourselves to that task. The sooner the better. For my part, I am ready to start immediately, today. I am ready to do everything I can to spiritually raise our country again, through our joint efforts. Let us follow the good in us, in order to transform our country into the kind of country we have always cherished, deep in our hearts.

I am ready to face the challenge before me. To represent your interests and values, to serve my country as President of Hungary.


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János Áder’s inaugurual speech
10th May 2012
János Áder’s inaugural speech
About equal standards, respect and performance