Citizenship cases

The petition for citizenship will be submitted with the content defined in law and – with the exception of the application for a citizenship certificate – the documents should be in Hungarian language. The petition has to be signed personally by the petitioner. When the petition is submitted, the identity of the petitioner will be verified and the data in the petition cross-checked with the attached documents.

A petition may be filed for a citizenship certificate to certify another person’s citizenship provided that the petitioner can substantiate their legitimate interest for doing so.

The petition for citizenship has to contain the petitioner’s
- family and first name of birth, marital name (hereinafter collectively referred to as name), place and time of birth, mother’s name;
- place and date of present and earlier marriages, the name, place and date of birth of the spouse(s), the name of the spouses mother’s name;
- the name, place and date of birth of the ancestors, place and date of ancestors’ marriages;
- address;
- and details relating to citizenship and the date of departure for abroad.

The petitioner shall attach his/her birth certificate and the documents certifying his/her marital status, as well as other documents substantiating the satisfaction of the conditions defined for naturalization, re-naturalization and waiver of citizenship.

In accordance with section II. of the Annex of Act CXIII of 1990 on Duties, the procedure for naturalization, re-naturalization, re-acquirement of citizenship by declaration and the waiver of Hungarian citizenship will be free of duties. The duty payable for the citizenship certificate is HUF 3000.

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