Citizenship cases

The declaration on re-acquiring Hungarian citizenship
By addressing a written declaration to the President of the Republic the declarant shall re-acquire Hungarian citizenship as of the date when it is filed if the declarant was
- deprived of Hungarian citizenship by virtue of Act X of 1947 and Act XXVI of 1948 On the Deprivation of Hungarian Citizenship of Certain Persons Staying Abroad, or of Act LX of 1948 on Hungarian Citizenship or Act V of 1957 On Citizenship,
- or lost his/her citizenship by virtue of Decree No. 7970/1946 ME of the Government of the Republic of Hungary, Government Decree 10.515/1947. Korm. or Government Decree 12.200/1947. Korm.,
- furthermore, whose Hungarian citizenship was terminated by expatriation between 15 September 1947 and 2 May 1990.

If the written declaration on acquiring or re-acquiring Hungarian citizenship is approved, the competent Minister shall issue a citizenship certificate. The declaration has to be addressed to the President of the Republic of Hungary; however the rules for submission are the same as for other citizenship issues.

Rules for submitting petitions of citizenship
In accordance with paragraph (1) of § 13 of the Act on Citizenship the petition for naturalization and re-naturalization, and the declaration for acquiring and re-acquiring citizenship, the declaration of renunciation of citizenship, and the application for a citizenship certificate (hereinafter referred to as ‘petition for citizenship’) shall be made out using the prescribed forms, and shall be submitted in person
- at registrars’ offices in Hungary
- at the Regional Directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality
- Hungarian consular officers at Hungarian representations abroad and at
- Government Administration Windows.

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