Citizenship cases

After 3 years of continuous residence in Hungary a person may request naturalization on preferential terms, provided that the person
- has lived in a valid marriage with a Hungarian citizen for at least three years, or the marriage has been terminated through the spouse’s death;
- the person’s minor child is a Hungarian citizen;
- the person has been adopted by a Hungarian citizen (an adult),
- the person has been recognized as a refugee by a Hungarian authority.

Those not falling under any of the above categories may request their naturalization after eight years of continuous residence in Hungary.

Simplified naturalization
Preferential naturalization may be granted without the requirement of residence in Hungary for the non-Hungarian citizen, who had Hungarian citizens in the ascendant line or claims his/her Hungarian descent and is able to give proof of his/her Hungarian language skills, provided that
- the person has a clean criminal record, and at the time of the assessment of the application, there are no criminal proceedings in progress against the person before a Hungarian court;
- the person’s naturalization does not violate the public security and the national security of Hungary.

The criteria of continuous residence in Hungary for the periods of time defined above, may be waived in the case of minors, if the minor’s petition for naturalization is submitted together with that of the parent’s or if the minor’s parent was granted Hungarian citizenship.

Children of minor age adopted by a Hungarian citizen may be naturalized regardless of domicile.

Hungarian language knowledge is waived for persons who are mentally incapacitated or have limited mental capacities.

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