Citizenship cases

A person may be re-naturalized on request if:
- this person used to be a Hungarian citizen, but lost the Hungarian citizenship or it was terminated;
- this person can provide proof of the knowledge of Hungarian language;
- this person has a clean criminal record, and at the time of the assessment of the application, there are no criminal proceedings in progress against the person before a Hungarian court;
- the person’s naturalization does not violate the public security and the national security of Hungary.

Renunciation of Hungarian citizenship
A Hungarian citizen residing abroad may waive his/her Hungarian citizenship - in a declaration addressed to the President of the Republic - if he/she also has foreign citizenship or is able to render the acquisition thereof probable.

The President of the Republic shall issue a certificate of the termination of Hungarian citizenship through renunciation. Hungarian citizenship shall terminate on the day of the issue of the certificate.

The Minister shall establish in a decision if the conditions for the acceptance of the waiver are not satisfied. The Metropolitan Court may be requested to review the decision.

The person, whose renunciation of Hungarian citizenship was accepted, may file a petition to the President of the Republic for reinstatement within one year of the date of acceptance, if the petitioner did not earn citizenship in another country.

Declaration on acquiring or re-acquiring Hungarian citizenship
The declaration on acquiring Hungarian citizenship

By addressing a written declaration to the President of the Republic the declarant shall be granted Hungarian citizenship as of the date when it is filed if the declarant was
- born on the territory of the country and was not awarded his/her parents’ foreign citizenship as a birth right, under the law of the state where the parents hold citizenship, provided that the declarant was domiciled in Hungary on the day of his/her birth and was residing in Hungary for at least five consecutive years, before the declaration was filed. The declaration may be filed by persons under the age of nineteen.
- born from a Hungarian citizen mother and a foreign citizen father before 1st October 1957 and did not acquire Hungarian citizenship by birth.

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