27th April 2015

Condolence telegram of President János Áder to Ram Baran Yadav, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

His Excellency,
Ram Baran Yadav
President of the
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal



I learnt with deep sorrow about the tragic earthquake which hit Nepal on the 25th April, 2015, claiming the lives of more than 2400 people and devastating whole areas of the country.

Allow me to express my heartfelt condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives this weekend. My sympathy goes out to those who have seen their homes destroyed or damaged, and who will now have the hard task of cleaning up and rebuilding their lives.

It is my sad duty to confirm that the people of Hungary are united in mourning the victims of the disaster together with the people of Nepal.

Sincerely yours,
János Áder
President of the Republic of Hungary

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