13th March 2013

The President’s statement about the 4th amendment to Fundamental Law

My fellow compatriots,

Being a democrat means respecting the forms and the bounds of the rule of law under every circumstance.

It means exercising our rights and fulfilling our obligations.
The issues that occupy the public agenda nowadays have been answered in many different ways by different people.
This has always been the case.
Yet, I believe that there are some issues on which every constituent member of our political nation can agree.

Like the notion, that everybody, under every circumstance and within their means should do what they are supposed to do.
This is what we can rightly expect from each other and in this respect we should not be satisfied with anything less.

You, who are now sitting in front of your televisions, probably all think that the President of the Republic also has to do his part in this work.

My fellow compatriots,

Over the past days I have devoted long hours studying all the positions and arguments published in the press about the adoption of the 4th amendment to our Fundamental Law, I read letters, messages sent to me, listened to the arguments of experts that were not always devoid of emotions or political intent.

I did this in harmony with my presidential oath and driven by a single purpose: to represent the constitutional order and the unity of the nation.

I also did this because the President of the Republic is not doing anything merely by interpreting the role and the office of the President as one that places the office above political parties.
Because the President of the Republic should not only stand above the political parties, but should always stand by his political nation no matter what.

This is the only way for the head of state, whoever should hold this responsible office to express the true unity of the nation.

Even if there will be some, who will question his constitutional decisions.

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