23th October 2012

The President's Statement on the 56th anniversary of the 1956 revolution and freedom fight

56 years ago a new chapter began in the world’s history. A new chapter, because there had never been a precedent earlier in Europe that was torn apart, for the people of a country to revolt against the Socialist world order, against the lieutenants of tyranny, the party state’s terror machinery, the informants and those protecting the lies. The new chapter of world history was written then in Hungary.

On that Tuesday, 56 years ago the country was born again in spirit with the world at large bearing witness to it. A new nation was also born in the eyes of the world: the nation of freedom. 56 years ago, here in the heart of Europe, we Hungarians were this nation.

To be a Hungarian since 23rd October 1956 means to belong to the nation of freedom. On that autumn day 56 years ago generations discovered each other in one single articulated desire. Millions of Hungarians, young and young at heart said in unison that they wanted to take matters of their fate into their own hands. They declared that they wanted freedom and democracy. They said that they were willing to sacrifice their lives to bring down the system of tyranny and injustice forced on us by the cruel system of Socialism, to which tens and tens of millions of people fell victim in the 20th century.


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