08th October 2012

Statement of the President of the Republic

On the petition for pardon for Dr. Ágnes Geréb

Thanks to the democratic development of our legal system, the legal order in Hungary – in accordance with European Union regulations – not only recognizes, but thanks to a new law adopted in 2011, by today also provides the choice of home birth, thereby recognizing the right to self-determination for women deciding to give birth to a child by allowing them greater room and more say in selecting the conditions in which they wish to deliver their child.

Dr. Ágnes Geréb has done a lot to expand the rights of women to unperturbed child delivery, thus she is recognized as the professional who introduced the option of allowing the father to be present at delivery in the hospital protocols and is also renowned for her professional activities aimed at the recognition of home birth.

However there isn’t the important social mission or cause that could elevate anybody above the laws in force. The rule of law and legal security demands from all citizens that they adhere to the laws under all circumstances, thus everybody has the obligation to refrain from infringing the norms that are set forth in law.

Dr. Ágnes Geréb cannot be an exception from this rule. As it is well known, two judiciary processes conducted on her cases have found a serious violation of the law in relation to her activities, whereas another court procedure still underway is also examining if she is culpable of further violations of the norms or not.

Nothing can be more important than enforcing the truth and legality, which in a state of law is solely the task and the responsibility of the justice administration, the independent judiciary. With a view to ensuring that the truth is discovered in a comprehensive and precise manner, I hereby reject the petition of Dr. Ágnes Geréb for termination of the criminal process, whereas I have decided to defer the decision on the petition for remission until a final sentence is made in her pending court case.

Dr. János Áder
President of the Republic
of Hungary

The Press Directorate of the President’s Office requests that the text of this statement be published without change.

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