Speech of President János Áder at the signing ceremony of Paris Climate Agreement at the UN Headquarters in New York

I would like to offer three proposals for your consideration if we are to achieve our objectives as soon as possible.

First: the ten largest green house gas emitting countries should begin consultations forthwith on reducing their emissions at a greater rate and faster pace than planned earlier.

Second. Our agreement in Paris did not cover aviation and maritime shipping. Therefore I propose to conclude as soon as possible the discussions which started since Paris on the reduction of aviation related emissions and to initiate talks at the earliest on maritime shipping emission reductions. Otherwise, as current calculations show, 20-30 years from now we will be looking at three times the amount of current emissions.

My third proposal has to do with energy storage. We all know that one of the largest challenges for humanity today is the storage of energy. Therefore I propose that G20 countries, with the support of OECD speed up research into finding an efficient, safe, cost efficient and sustainable solution for energy storage at the earliest.

Albert László Barabási, a Hungarian scientist working in the USA said “time is our most precious non-renewable resource”.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us manage our time, this non-renewable resource of ours well in the next coming months and years.

Thank you for listening to me.


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