20th August 2014

Speech of President János Áder at the passing out ceremony of officer cadets at Kossuth square

It is our practice to gather on significant days to share the joy of being together and to pay our respects to the occasion itself and to the ones we are celebrating. This is the case for our family and our community celebrations. Because every celebration is an important occasion in our lives.

August 20th is such an occasion also. It is the celebration of our statehood. This is the day of our national esteem and we celebrate our political nation. We ourselves are the ones being celebrated on this day, all of us, who as Hungarians constitute our state, who together constitute our nation.

When we celebrate August 20th, we are not only paying our respects to the memory of the Holy King, the founder of our state; we are not only paying homage to all those who during the past one thousand years preserved our statehood, but we are also paying respect to each other.

To every Hungarian. To every single citizen of our country. From the infants born today to the white haired great-grandparents grown old from a life of hard work. From those living in the smallest villages to those in the capital.

My distinguished compatriots,

As a head of state, today I also consider it my most important task to express my respect to every fellow compatriot of mine.

I wish to express my respect to the mothers and fathers. The joys they experience and the sacrifices they make as parents are indispensable contributions to the survival of our nation, because parental love also reinforces the bonding of our children with their land of birth. Let us be proud of our children and even in the toughest moments, let us have the strength and the patience to show an example that is wise and worth following for them.

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