06th May 2014

Speech of Hungarian president János Áder at the inaugural session of the new Hungarian Parliament

Honourable National Assembly,

One month ago - on the 6th of April – the Hungarian voters decided. They decided who should be their political representatives. They decided on the composition of the new National Assembly. They also decided who they will task with the responsibility of governance during the next four years.

At the elections you were given the right and the mandate to discuss the issues of the nation and the country, to make decisions influencing the destiny of the nation and to pass laws which regulate our private and our public life.

Having concluded the process of examining petitions for legal remedies, the National Election Commission announced the final results of the 2014 parliamentary elections.

The Constitutional Court also ruled on the petitions regarding the electoral system.

Following these two decisions, nobody can question the fairness of the elections, the constitutional character of our electoral system or the legitimacy of the future government.

Honourable National Assembly,

Paragraph (3) of article 16. of the Fundamental Law stipulates that the President of the Republic shall recommend the person of the Prime Minister to the National Assembly. Following our discussions yesterday, I asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to form the new government and he accepted my request. Therefore in accordance with the aforementioned provision of the Fundamental Law, I propose that the National Assembly elect Mr Viktor Orbán as the Prime Minister of Hungary.

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