13th January 2014

Speech of President János Áder to the heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to Hungary at a New Year’s reception held in their honour

Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greetings to you on the occasion of our first meeting this year. We are grateful with my wife for the good wishes we received from you during the festive season or tonight. Allow us again to wish you peace, success, luck, good health and days of serenity in this New Year.

Hungary is grateful to you for your work to build our diplomatic relations with diligence, professionalism, responsibility and benevolence. Through you, who are present here in this concert hall, symbolically the whole world is present. Therefore through you, our good wishes should also reach the leaders and the citizens of the states that you represent.

Dear Guests,

In 2014 also, Hungary will continue to be interested in deepening international cooperation based on mutual respect, good neighbourly relations, the strengthening of Euro-Atlantic alliance systems and in promoting universal human and civil rights. This year is going to be a year rich in events: 2014 will be a year of important anniversaries and elections.

The 100th anniversary of the break-out of World War I reminds us of the paramount importance of peace. Whereas, the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust reminds us that no decent man may side with genocide, exclusion and xenophobia. The only possible moral behaviour for anyone of honour is the respect for life and human dignity.

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