Statement of the President of the Republic on the amendment of the Act on the National Bank of Hungary

The National Assembly adopted the amendment of the Act on the National Bank of Hungary. Having studied the Act adopted, I have come to the conclusion that the amendments are not in line with constitutional stipulations on the management of public funds and information in the public interest, therefore – in accordance with my constitutional obligations - I have today requested a review of the text by the Constitutional Court.

During the review of the Act on the National Bank of Hungary, I have also ascertained that the retroactive nature of the amendment contradicts the constitutional principle of legal certainty, hence my decision to request the position of the Constitutional Court on this issue as well before promulgating the law.

I have also initiated the ex-ante constitutional review of the latest amendment of the Act on Postal Services at the Constitutional Court for similar reasons, namely the prohibition of retroactive legislation.

The fact that in comparison with the previous Constitution, the Fundamental Law of Hungary pays special attention to constitutional requirements on the management of public funds and information of public interest weighed heavy in my decision. The constitutional protection of legal certainty is another cornerstone of the Fundamental Law. Rule of law is solid if everybody can be fully certain in any given situation and any moment of the legal requirements to be obeyed and of the legislation to be followed.

The oath upon my entry into the office of the President also entailed full observance of my constitutional duties. As until now, in the future I also intend to follow the principle that I have stood for from my first moments in office: if the National Assembly sends me one hundred good laws, I will sign them all, but if I receive a hundred bad laws, I will send all of them back. Article 9. paragraph (1) of the Fundamental Law defines this as my clear obligation.

Áder János
President of the Republic of Hungary

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